Image of ground floor project space at Queensrollahouse

Our 700 sq ft project space is located on the ground floor of our building. It currently houses our gallery programme, Generation & Display. The space has a small adjacent room and can be rented for a variety of one-off projects, from 1 day up to 8 weeks.

Image of entering the ground floor project space at Queensrollahouse
Image of backwall of Queensrollahouse project space
Frontal view of kitchen on Queensrollahouse roofterrace

Our 1000 sq ft Roof Terrace comprises a small bar and kitchen. It can come furnished with tables and chairs or unfurnished. The structure allows for tarps to be installed against wet weather conditions. We hold a variety of events in the warmer months and are open to private rentals.

Frontal view of bar on Queensrollahouse roofterrace
Image of the roofterrace with audience gathered around performer during Zina Saro Wiwa's Illicit Gin Assembly #4